Sunday, September 6, 2009

beyond color...

Recently I completed a piece that will appear in a clay calendar .
All the calendar photos will be in black and white.
I'm all about color ! I love it !
In fact one of the things I like best about polymer clay is that I can
mix my own shades . Then there are Skinner blends , Mokume gane ...
no end to the color !

However ,this project did make me step back and think
How dependent is a design on color ? Will a shape stand alone ?
Things just don't look the same in black and white .
Annie's photo of a local stream ,lets me concentrate on the shapes of nature rather than the shades.

Last week I thought about color combination's.
This week I'm contemplating black, white and the inevitable shades of gray......

Bead Happy !
:) m.e.

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