Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer showers bring....

Today we're having steamy August rain showers.
A gift from tropical storm Bill, I think .
In the midst of the oppressive heat and humidity I need to to dream up some Fall creations for my shop !
How can I think of crisp, cool Autumn days when I feel like I'm melting ?

I was worried my Muse might rather take a siesta than bring me inspiration today.
But,then she whispered in my ear ....
pstt....remember Summer showers ?
what ???
Muses can be a bit vague sometimes ... at least mine is!
then I DID remember !

My daughter took these photos during a rain shower in Key West this summer.
Simple flower petals on the car parked next to us.
(I told you she sees pictures everywhere!)
There they were !
Gorgeous Autumn Colors captured during a summer rain !!!

I hope they will bring you some inspiration too!
I'm off to have some fun with fall foliage !!!
till next week...
Bead Happy, m.e. :)

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  1. I loved your post about checking out the waters first before you quit your day job!!! I know when I quite my day job (fashion design) 35 years ago, I just jumped in! It was sink or swim for me as a mixed media artist.That was 35+ years ago! Not easy, but very rewarding! I wish you all the best!!!! xoxo Carol