Wednesday, November 11, 2009

from Focal to Finish....

I think I am a bead maker not a jewelry designer . I do envision potential designs when I create my beads. But, I really enjoy seeing how someone else uses them .
Remember that childhood whisper game ? The first person whispers to the next and by the time the last person is whispered to, the phrase has changed entirely !
Clay is like that ...someone makes the clay ,the next person makes the beads etc. By the time someone is wearing the creation ,everything seems so different .

I am lucky that my beads get good homes. It's won
derful to see them in a such a variety of beautiful creations.
I wish I could see every bead in it's final setting!
I am grateful to all the talented jewerly makers who use my beads in their fabulous designs!

This week I am going to venture into some jewelry making of my own.
The Art bead scene blog has great monthly contests .
The inspiration is a new piece of art every month .This month the painting is "Fairy Feller's-Master Stroke" by Richard Dadd.

I LOVE fairies and I do want some new jewelry for the holidays.
So I decided to to see what I can come up with using the painting to jump start my muse !
I gathered some elements together.
But , for now my muse is still musing . ....
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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