Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September ABS Challenge

Autumn Vineyard
Time for the September ABS Challenge !
This month's painting has a gorgeous color palette !
It includes the rich gold washed  tones of early fall.
I am in love with these colors.
However,this month it was the theme that inspired me.
Perhaps few people are aware that in Maryland we have some wonderful local wineries .
In fact, I got married at one of my favorites!
Our local wineries host frequent music,art and tasting events.
 A perfect way to spend a day with friends and support small local businesses . To me local wines fit into the 'Handmade"  category .
"Buy Handmade" is a cause I believe in.Plus I like wine ..LOL!
 If you have not explored the local wineries in your area , do so ,you might be pleasantly surprised.
My creation this month is a fantasy piece .  A branch of grapes,  juicy ripe and ready for harvest .
This could be classified as a statement piece.Sometimes that term can be synonymous with"not wearer friendly" . However, this necklace does drape comfortably around my neck . My polymer clay beads are large. But, the clay is so lightweight, I barely know I'm wearing it.
Just for fun ,I added some recycled wine bottle rings from Objects and Elements .http://objectsandelements.com/shop
I tried to capture the lushness of a vineyard on a Sunny Autumn afternoon.
However , I  think I will wear this piece to an evening dinner of wine and  music.
this week enjoy a local wine
and Bead Happy


Sunday, August 25, 2013


 Morning Moon

In our area school starts tomorrow!!!  Where did Summer go ???
Time for fine and fancy Fall Creations!Fortunately I love the rich colors of Autumn so I've haven't been a loss for ideas. I have boxes of red,orange and golden blends ready to turn into beads .
But ,I have been  feeling VERY busy ,busy ,busy....
A beautiful morning moon  inspired  this week's clay time with a more restful palette. It was a needed chance to catch my breath. I stole some precious time to make a few earring too.
I have never  tried a Wordless Wednesday blog
But, this week due to lack of time
I am calling this entry my Haiku Hiatus

Intense ripe autumn
Rest restore refresh prepare
Serene light of moon 

if you are an English teacher please do  not grade my poetry !
If you are working with Beads
I hope your back to school creations are all A+ work
and may you
Bead Happy !

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rough Week

I couldn't resist snapping a quick photo of my cat Pollymewer aka Polly. She was just hanging over my desk chair ,clearly exhausted.
My feelings exactly ! What a longgggggggggg week I've had !
I put in  many extra hours at work . I took on a new work project to organize at home .I said a few emotional goodbyes to long time patients. We know our fur friends won't be with us forever. But, it always hurts to let them go .

Not much  time or energy for bead projects this week .
But, I did manage to make a few new things .
I liked the toggle I made for  my ABS entry so much ,I decided to play with the idea.
I created a set with the leftover red to purple blend,
Then I decided to try a set in black  and silver. 
I love how it turned out . Not really rustic ,not really steam punk ,not really Halloween...
But, I think it's perfect for any of those themes .
Creating a random rough texture suited my mood .
It seemed to symbolize a heart full of love ... surviving life's rough spots
Life is rarely smooth and shiny. Instead it is full of bumps and gouges.That's what gives life texture and meaning .
I must use the rest of this day to make beads and earrings
Fortunately I do find that restful and restorative
When you have a rough week,
just think of it as adding some texture  to your life
 Bead Happy,

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday Girl

This week I turned 68 ! I celebrated with a BIG chocolate fudge cake and these beautiful Roses.
I especially love the vase. My cats can't figure out how tip it over .....yet. Some people reflect  on their hopes ,dreams and goals  at the end of the calendar year.
On my birthday I always spent time contemplating where I've been and where I hope to go .
This year I'm still busy with my polymer clay .
I'm still happy making my flowers.But ,I have added many more toggles to my shop.
I started my Pairs for Paws project at the Veterinary Hospital where I work
I've lost count of the  number of  earrings I've made.
All the profits from the sales,go to our local animal rescue
For years I have only sold beads on ETSY.
All of my ABS creations I keep for myself . My other jewelry desings are made as gifts or for private sales. However,I found I really enjoyed making simple earrings .
I decided to open a shop just for earrings and use the profits to purchase supplies for Pairs for Paws
I am having fun with my second shop and have made a few sales !
Full time job ,two ETSY shops and my rescue project keep me VERY busy
But, I would rather be busy than bored !
I don't foresee any more major craft/art projects in the coming year
But ,you never know ..so many beads ...so little time
I would like to try working with metal . I love the look of etched pieces.
I could probably give up housework all together and gain some extra  time .
Happy Birthday to me .
Happy Birthday  to all my fellow Leos
even if it's not your birthday month
have a  great August
and Bead Happy

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August ABS

Love Endures

Time for the August ABS challenge 
All can say is COLOR !!!  I Love the strong deep colors in this painting.
I love how the hues bleed and blend into each other.
It always delights me to note how one dimensional swaths of paint can create the illusion of  texture.
My inspiration  this month  reached out and grabbed me !
My design was going to be all about the colors and perceived textures.
I  decide to concentrate on the beautiful red and purples. I used a blend to create a few beads and a heart toggle. Why a heart ? Because I was wondering about the three people in the painting.
What could be their story ?
Perhaps a  tale of love ? Love with all its ups and downs ,joys and sorrows .
Normally I have all of my components picked before I start .
But, this month I was over eager to play with my clay.
So I had a beginning .But, I had no end plan .
I had no "go with beads"picked out
Off to my  bead stash boxes ,to search for something with rugged texture to complement my red and purple beads.
Ah ha ! The perfect  thing ....rough cut pyrite cubes. They seem to reflect both the gold and the black in the painting!
How do they do that ?
I had just enough to make a bracelet . Not a design about innocent romantic love.
Instead this piece is about all the nicks and knocks love may bring us .
Maybe a more realistic outlook than pretty pastel hearts and flowers.
Either way
this week celebrate Love 
and Bead Happy ,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Magical Moments

Muse Magic

This week was a hot one in Maryland .
We had that  Summer Season  Sauna weather.  
Life seemed to progressing in slow motion .
I think the inspiration part of my brain melted.
My muse was no where to be found. She was probably  sitting in the shade sipping a  cold drink .
No beadie ideas popped into my head ,no blog topics either .
Honestly ,I had just about decided to skip both beads and blog today.
I poured a third cup of coffee, decided to water my plants,and
whoooa !!!!
Overnight an AMAZING mushroom appeared in one of my orchid pots!
Awesome color ...Awesome texture !!!
Even a heat  addled brain has to be inspired by this cool little fungus .
I have no idea why it decided to grow right now . That orchid has been in the same spot for 3 years!  Most of my collection summer outside . But , I keep a few on the kitchen windowsill all year.
I have no idea what type of  mushroom it is .My Goggle research came up with "Leucocoprinus Birnbaumii ".  Does anybody out there recognize it ?
I 'm not sure if people who are not artist/makers actively seek out inspiration.
But, I'm fairly sure my beadie buddies are always on the hunt for new ideas to play with.
We visit real and virtual places just hunting for that next design or color combo .
Sometimes the inspiration is visual,sometimes its just the feel of a place ...even a sound or smell can inspire. I do get good ideas when I am activly searching .
However ,once in a while an idea comes to me when I least expect it !
Suddenly  I notice ..Wow.. that's an interesting  color ... look at that  unusual shape ...

I  don't know how  or why  that  mushroom popped up just when I needed a nudge.
I suspect it  has to do a bit of Midnight Muse Mischief
Hope this week you find some
Muse Magic inspiration of your own
and I hope you
Bead Happy,


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Benefit of Summer Rain

July is half way over.! The older I get, the faster time seems to fly by.
When I was a child most moms were stay at home moms.
Summer vacation was a unstructured holiday for children .
We  did ,of course, take a few "lessons".
Some of my friends took piano or ballet .
Most of us us went to "dancing class "to learn basic ballroom dance and a few "party "manners. We also went to camp ...maybe a week at girl or boyscout camps or  a week at summer"bible school".
But, we did not have the very organized summer days my grandchildren and their friends have.
Since most moms now work,many children spend the week at day camps.Their summers are filled with all sorts of wonderful and interesting opportunities to learn new skills. They seem to be bubbling over to share all this knowledge. And for the most part I'm all for it . 
But,I do get nostalgic for those long summer days with"nothing to do ".
We made up our own games and adventures.We read books in the shade on hot afternoons .We caught lightening bugs when the sun went down . I wish I still had those carefree days with nothing to do .

Usually by mid July  Maryland  has begun a summer drought . But,the spring rains never seem to have left our area . The good news ...the flowers and vegetables are growing great ! The bad news... the weeds are growing great too!
However ,there is an unexpected bonus. Because it's too wet to work in the garden, I have some extra hours to do whatever I wish . My time with "nothing to do " has been filled with my grown up version a of games and adventures .I've been playing with clay and trying new techniques .
I'm even venturing into an imaginary jungle called Facebook ...will I ever be able find my way around?
This week I hope you can find some time to play
Bead Happy ,